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  • Mork and Mindy, 1978-1982

    Mork and Mindy, 1978-1982
    <p> Mork, a man from outer space who most memorably came from an egg, was a character that originated on &ldquo;Happy Days.&rdquo; The ABC comedy, also starring Pam Dawber, ultimately launched Williams&rsquo; career &ndash; and the phrase nanoo nanoo.</p>
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  • Dead Poets Society, 1989

    Dead Poets Society, 1989
    Williams earned his second Oscar nod for his role as John Keating, an unorthodox teacher who encouraged his students to call him &quot;O Captain! My Captain!&quot; and to carpe diem.
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  • Awakenings, 1990

    Awakenings, 1990
    Directed by Penny Marshall and co-starring Robert DeNiro, the movie told the story of neurologist Oliver Sacks, played by Williams, who administered a new drug to catatonic patients that awakened them after decades.
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  • The Birdcage, 1996

    The Birdcage, 1996
    He was flamboyant. He was fabulous. He was Armand Goldman, the owner of the Birdcage, a popular drag club in South Miami Beach. He took the role to a level few other actors could have, making Armand both endearing and entertaining. Who could forget &ldquo;Fosse! Fosse! Fosse! Martha Graham! Martha Graham!&rdquo;
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  • Good Will Hunting, 1997

    Good Will Hunting, 1997
    It's the role that earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Williams played Dr. Sean Maguire, a therapist who takes on Will Hunting (Matt Damon) as a favor for his estranged college roommate. The role again combined Williams' ability to make the audience laugh and cry within a scene and truly connect with the character on the screen.
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  • Mrs. Doubtfire, 1993

    Mrs. Doubtfire, 1993
    <p> In one of his most memorable roles, Williams used his gift of physical humor to play a single father so desperate to spend time with his children that he transformed himself into an elderly woman dubbed &ldquo;Mrs. Doubtfire&rdquo; and became their nanny.</p>
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  • Patch Adams, 1998

    Patch Adams, 1998
    <p> As Patch Adams, Williams played a doctor determined to use comedy to help his patients heal. The movie was often remembered with an image of Williams in a doctor&rsquo;s coat wearing a red clown nose.</p>
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  • Good Morning Vietnam, 1987

    Good Morning Vietnam, 1987
    Williams earned his first Oscar nomination for his performance as Airman Second Class Adrian Cronauer, who goes to Saigon to work as a DJ for Armed Forces Radio Service. The role showcased his well-known comedic skills and it was often said that Williams improvised many of the DJ bits. But it also proved that Williams could handle a dramatic role.
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  • Aladdin, 1992

    Aladdin, 1992
    As the voice of the Genie, Williams proved animated movies could be fun for both kids and parents. His jokes and delivery made the film an instant classic, and marked one of the first &ndash; but certainly not the last &ndash; times a big star provided the voice in an animated film.