Who Should Play Jodi Arias in Lifetime Movie?

Casting call has gone out for actors to play the accused murderer and boyfriend.

ByABC News
March 21, 2013, 1:07 PM

March 22, 2013— -- intro: Her trial isn't even over, but casting for a Lifetime movie about accused murderer Jodi Arias has already begun.

The casting notice for "Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story" hit the web last week, which got us thinking about who should play the role of Arias, 32, and Travis Alexander, the boyfriend she's accused of murdering by stabbing him 27 times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head.

Producers City Entertainment and Peace Out Productions are searching for a Caucasian woman in her late 20s, who is "coquettish, head-turning, with a palpable sexy allure and well aware of the affect she has on men," according to a script obtained by FoxNews.com.

"Jodi is a single-minded, head-strong, quick-tempered young woman. She is hell-bent on emotionally suffocating and controlling Travis Alexander, a handsome young Mormon and motivational speaker who soon falls prey," the casting notice says.

She is "jealous in the extreme" and "driven to violence when she realizes that Travis will never fully commit to her," the notice reportedly said.

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Of course, the final scene -- the trial's verdict -- has yet to be scripted.

A source for Lifetime told ABCNews.com a movie is definitely in the works. According to the casting notice, the tentative start date for production is April 13 -- not a lot of time for producers to find their leads. Click through to see a few of our suggestions.

quicklist:title: Jennifer Love Hewitttext: Jennifer Love Hewitt, 34, is already one of Lifetime's stars as massage therapist Riley Parks, who provides her clients with "extras" in "The Client List." Not only could she easily pull off the role but she's open to it, telling "Showbiz Tonight" that playing Arias would be "interesting."media: 18782260

quicklist:title: Jessica Albatext: Another dark-haired beauty, Jessica Alba could easily play sexually alluring and headstrong. The former "Dark Angel" star is best known now for playing Invisible Woman in the "Fantastic Four" movies. She also looks equally good with lighter hair as she does with her natural brunette locks.media: 18782276

quicklist:title: Rachel McAdamstext: Many have called Rachel McAdams, 34, a dead ringer for Arias when Arias was a bleached blonde. (She's now a brunette.) Though McAdams has never done the small screen, most Hollywood actresses have discovered that some of the best roles these days are on television.media: 18782316

quicklist: title: Ian Zieringtext: As for Travis Alexander, the Mormon motivational speaker, the role calls for a wholesome looking guy who is lured by Arias' sexual charms. Original "Beverly Hills, 90210" star Ian Ziering, 48, could fit the bill. He's also no stranger to the Lifetime audience, having starred in 2009's "The Christmas Hope."media: 18782348

quicklist:title: Peter Facinellitext: Another veteran of Lifetime movies, Peter Facinelli once starred in "An Unfinished Affair" with his ex-Jennie Garth. Facinelli, 39, can be equally convincing as wholesome and bad boy. media: 18782358