Tiger Woods: New Revelations in Golfer's Crash

It was the car crash heard 'round the world. And today there's new information detailing what when on in the moments immediately after Tiger Woods' November accident.

When the ambulance crew arrived where Woods had smashed his Cadillac Escalade into a neighbor's tree, medics refused to let the unconscious golfer's wife Elin ride with them to the hospital. They thought it was a case of domestic abuse.

But police who responded heard no one at the scene say the couple had been fighting.

Elin Woods did, however, hand two bottles of Viocodin pain pills to troopers after the 2:30 am crash and told them she had taken some earlier that day.

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This new information came to light Friday in documents released by the Florida Highway Patrol and obtained by ABC affiliate WFTV in Orlando, Fla.

Traveling between 27 and 39 miles per hour, Woods careened into the tree after bouncing it off of two curbs and plowing over a hydrant. He had driven all of 150 feet.

Windermere, Fla., police, the first to arrive, found Woods laying on the pavement, out cold and shoeless. There was no blood on his face or clothes, and the only injury responding police saw was a cut on the golfer's lower lip, which left blood on his teeth and upper lip, according to the record.

His wife, who was standing over him, said she heard the crash, jumped onto a golf cart and drove to the scene, the report says. Neighbor Linda Adams and her son Jarius, who is believed to be the 911 caller, comforted Elin at the scene.

Neighbors Gave Injured Woods a Blanket; Wife Supplied Socks

The SUV had a broken window and the couple told investigators Elin had broken it with a golf club so she could unlock a door and pull him out. Neighbors brought out a blanket and pillow, and Elin put a pair of socks on him before the ambulance arrived, according to the records.

The crash ultimately led to disclosures that Tiger had had affairs with several women, tarnishing his reputation and costing him several endorsements. Through all of it, Woods has strenuously maintained that his wife never hit him.

Tiger Woods Crash: New Revelations

The documents released Friday also reveal that the afternoon of Woods' crash, Florida Highway Patrol troopers tried to get medical records from the hospital, HealthCentral in Ocoee, that would have shown whether Woods, 33, had been drinking or was under the influence of drugs. (The report says Windermere police did not detect alcohol on Woods' breath).

An emergency room nurse, however, said the records department was closed and troopers would have to come back the following Monday.

When they did, at about 7 a.m. Nov. 30, "The director of medical records at first stated their computer system was not working then she stated that they would not provide that information without a warrant on [Tiger Woods] regarding whether or not medical blood had been drawn," FHP Cpl. Thomas DeWitt wrote.

Two FHP captains then went to the Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office and asked it to subpoena Woods' medical records, but Assistant State Attorney Steve Foster said there was insufficient evidence.

Investigators were also rebuffed in attempts to interview Woods about the accident several times after the incident. Troopers first tried to interview Woods hours after he was discharged from the hospital later that day. Elin let them in, butsaid he was asleep and could not be awakened.

Woods' lawyer, Mark NeJame, told troopers that he would provide them with video from the system, but later claimed he was unable to figure out how to extract footage from the four security cameras at the home.

Coincidentally, on the same day the FHP report was released, sources close to the golfer suggested that Woods may make his return to golf during the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga., next month. He has recently been practicing with his coach, but Woods has reportedly not made his final decision yet.