Pregnant Ellie Kemper nearly name drops second baby's name on 'The View' and reveals the one she'll avoid

The actress doesn't know the baby's gender yet, but has some names in mind.

Following the news of Ellie Kemper expecting her second child, she contemplated disclosing her favorite baby name options during her appearance on "The View" and told the co-hosts the one name her child won't have.

Wednesday on "The View," the mother of one shared what she'll be up to until the baby's arrives "in a couple months."

Kemper has a 3-year-old son James with her husband Michael Koman, and her motherly instincts told her she might want to tell him the truth about what it's really like to become a big brother.

"Would it be helpful for him to know what he's getting into? Because right now he's like the king of the house," Kemper said.

"He's an only child so he rules – everything is ruled by him. He like dances on our bed for hours every night and we just watch him," Kemper said of the attention her first-born receives. "This is going to be a rude awakening."

In an effort to make being a sibling fun, Kemper decided her son can teach his little brother or sister how to dance on the bed and sing Lady Gaga. "I hope that prepares him."

The first act as big brother Kemper's eldest took on was to name his new sibling. Unfortunately, it's not a name she can get on board with.

"James wants to name the baby Marshall. We're not," Kemper said. Although the name works for both genders, she insisted "it's not gonna be Marshall. Again, sorry if your name is Marshall."

Kemper and her husband have "a couple names" they like, but she was on the fence about saying it for a number of reasons. She agreed with co-host Meghan McCain that "people might steal it," but more than anything she was "so scared" to say it to the world.

After co-host Whoopi Goldberg advised Kemper that sharing the name isn't a good idea, she said "I'm gonna go with that, because what if I jinx something, and then the name's not available? Once I put the name out there I can never take it back."

Staying true to her starring role on "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," Kemper says she "always wanted to help" as a child and "enjoyed being the goody-goody." She shared a story about a good deed gone wrong.

"One day my parents went out and I was like, I’m going to wash their car, because I have three siblings and I wanted to be the best."

Because Kemper used a Brillo pad to get the dirty dishes in the sink clean, she thought it would work the same for making the car spotless. She thought the streaks she saw on her father's shiny new car were "just the gleam of the sunlight."

"He came back and it was scratched. I mean I ruined it," Kemper said. "To their great credit, they weren't upset. I think they were just confused like, is our daughter an idiot?"

"I paid for it. Summers worth babysitting took care of it.”

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