Prince Charles Confused When Called 'Quite Buff' in His Day

Plus, find out the most 'painful' time for Prince William with little George.

— -- Prince William was left in stitches today when his father was described as buff and had no idea what it meant. The father and son were at an event in Covent Garden this morning as the heir to the throne handed over the reigns as president of the Sub Aqua Society to his son.

Prince William will take over the post his father held for the last 40 years and his grandfather held previously.

Chairman of the organization Eugene Farrell described a topless photo of Charles looking “quite buff” in swimming trunks in the 1970’s. Charles was baffled by the expression.

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A Look Inside Prince George's First Year

Ever the joker, Prince William teased his father, “Pa you should be pleased!"

Charles seeing the humor retorted, “I know my eldest will now demonstrate his buff credentials.”

William donned a wet suit at a pool in Covent Garden with 8-year-olds in his snorkeling gear, speaking to them about their own experiences diving. He was even challenged to a race by some of the kids, but William - an accomplished swimmer in his own right - let the kids win. William captained his water polo team.

William added, “I hope one day my son George might follow in our footsteps. At the moment bath time is quite painful, but hopefully donning a snorkel and mask might calm him down.”

The pint-sized prince is just weeks away from his first birthday on July 22 and is apparently a handful. Kate shared recently that her son is walking and into everything, but “more interested in helicopters and anything with wheels.”