Prince Harry Meets Rihanna in Barbados

Harry is visiting Barbados on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II.

December 01, 2016, 8:20 AM

— -- Real-life royalty met music royalty when Britain's Prince Harry and Rihanna met at events in Barbados celebrating the nation's 50 years of independence from British rule.

Harry, 32, and Rihanna, 28, took an HIV test together on Thursday, World AIDS Day, to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. Both tested negative at a drop-in clinic in Bridgetown.

"You made it seems like it hurts," Rihanna told Harry. "It's not as painful as you said this morning."

Today was the second time in five months Harry has taken an HIV test to encourage his generation to get tested and reduce the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. Harry's mother, the late Princess Diana, was one of the first vocal advocates for HIV/AIDS awareness when the disease was misunderstood. Like her son, Diana campaigned for better medical programs and awareness about the misperceptions surrounding HIV.

Harry first met Rihanna, a Barbados native, at the Toast the Nation event on Wednesday afternoon. He later joined Rihanna on stage for a concert to celebrate the country's independence.

Harry visited Barbados as part of his 15-day royal tour of seven Caribbean nations on behalf of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

"I am honored to be here representing my grandmother, the queen, as we celebrate the historic milestone of 50 years of independence of this beautiful nation," Harry told the crowd in Barbados. "Her Majesty visited your beautiful country on the eve of independence in early 1966. The people of Barbados have held a special place in her heart ever since."

Queen Elizabeth also sent out a special tweet to show her support for Barbados.

Harry's appearance with Rihanna onstage came after a busy day during which Harry visited a pediatric ward at the nation's largest hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown.

Harry, the fifth-in-line to the British throne, gave out his trademark hugs and stopped to play thumb war with a little boy who had been hit by a car and was slowly recovering.

Harry's unscheduled visit to the hospital, which he'd seen on his last visit in 2010, also included a stop to discuss the hospital's work on HIV and AIDS, one day ahead of World AIDS Day.

He kept another group of orphans giggling at the Nightingale Children's Home, which houses 90 children, including those with special needs. Harry showed his inner child by kneeling down and embracing the children and even sticking out his tongue to elicit laughter from the disadvantaged kids.

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