Royal Couple Battles in Boat Race

The duke and duchess team up with local teams in friendly competition.

July 4, 2011, 7:49 AM

July 4, 2011— -- Prince William outmatched his bride when the two teamed up with local athletes in a friendly dragon boat race on Prince Edward Island's Dalvay Lake in Canada.

The prince was in the center of his team's boat rowing while the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, sat in the back of her boat to steer her team's vessel.

As soon as the horn rang to begin the race the prince's team forged ahead of the duchess' boat, and they weren't able to catch up. At the end of the race William's team prevailed.

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The prince tried to console Kate by giving her a hug as they stepped onto the pier. After the race they watched a band perform and ate some of the local fare of oysters and lobster.

Earlier today Prince William landed his military helicopter in the lake in Prince Edward Island National Park, where he and Kate have been on their first official overseas trip since marrying in April.

Several onlookers were dressed in parkas and sat in lawn chairs near the edge of the water to see if the prince would be able to land the aircraft in his first attempt as part of a military emergency training exercise.

Before the flight began, the royal couple was welcomed to their third Canadian province today at Province House.

Province House is home to Prince Edward Island's legislature and, more historically, of a meeting 146 years ago that paved the way for a united Canada.

Prince William, who is a Royal Air Force rescue helicopter pilot, requested the exercise as part of his visit to the province. Canada is the only country that trains its Sea King helicopter pilots to do a controlled landing in case of an emergency. The prince flies a Sea King in the U.K.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been making headlines since their visit to Canada began. As Kate greeted fans in Quebec City Sunday as part of their North American tour, one fan wished Kate well in starting a family. Kate, 29, who has not spoken publicly about having children, was overheard saying, "Yes, I hope to."

"It was really quite a surprise to hear her say that, quite an emotional response," said Katie Nicholl, an ABC News contributor and author of "The Making of a Royal Romance." "For Kate to give such an intimate aspiration is very special.

"You look at the two of them. It's the chemistry, the love between them. It won't be long before they will," she added.

The moment happened when two little girls went up to the royal couple to give them flowers. The father of one of the little girls, David Cheater, was the fan who received Kate's unexpected response.

"It was privilege, a real privilege," Cheater said, holding 2-year-old daughter Raffaella.

Later today, the couple will meet the actress that plays the fictional character Anne of Green Gables, which Prince Edward Island is famous for.

While touring Quebec Sunday, Prince William, 29, spoke to people in their native tongue -- French -- and apologized for his accent. While Kate has made no official public statements, William has made three speeches along the tour, including one on what would have been the 50th birthday of his mother, Princess Diana.

"I think for William there's still very raw emotion there, but I have no doubt that deep down William is delighted to be here with Kate," ABC News contributor and Sun editor Duncan Larcombe said.

Prince William and Bride Kate Middleton in Canada

"Everyone started to see Diana and Prince Charles couldn't stand's quite sweet to see how excited [William] is to see Kate in the limelight."

Everywhere they go, the prince and his bride have been greeted by fanfare. They joined sailors for a prayer service Sunday morning and visited a shelter for troubled youth.

"They are very hands on. It's very impressive to watch," Nicholl said.

Once again, the crowd was infatuated with Kate's spectacular fashion, as she chose to wear a series of stunning dresses, including those by Canadian-born designer Erdem for the tour, which Nicholl called "very fashion forward."

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Nicholl also pointed out that while Kate has been seen wearing two to three outfits a day, she hasn't made a big show of it, even wearing the same blue dress during a Canada Day ceremony that she wore in her royal engagement photo.

"[Kate] did not want to bring a stylist out here, she's dressed herself," Nicholl said.

But while more than 1,000 fans gathered to watch their tour of the city, the couple encountered about 200 protesters. French-speaking separatists have sprung up throughout the tour, but have caused little disruption.

Larcombe said that British royals often encounter protesters when they come to this part of Canada but, nonetheless, William and Kate have viewed this trip as a success.

"There have been some demonstrations, some protests, but nothing too serious," he said.

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