Queen's Home Movie Collection Offers Rare Glimpse of Royal Life

The home movies were released in a new BBC documentary.

That is just one detail of the royal family revealed in the new BBC documentary, "Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute."

While the British people celebrated Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday Thursday, she gave a gift to them with the peek inside her home movie collection. Even members of the royal family watched the films for the first time during the documentary.

"The whole collection provides a wonderful insight into mama's long life," said Prince Charles, who narrates the documentary and sat down with the queen to reminisce about her life on film.

"God, she's stunning. She's beautiful," Prince William exclaimed.

"Those jewels sparkling, wow," Prince Harry marveled.

"Look how good looking grandpa is there. He’s an absolute stud. Those glasses, slicked back hair," Harry remarked as he watched video of Philip playing with a young Charles in the garden.

William reflected in the documentary on his grandparents' loving marriage.

"I hope Catherine and I have the same sort of future ahead of us where we can be as happily married as they are for 68 years," he said.

"Mummy looks great in blue but I'm still not convinced about that dress I'm in," Harry joked to William. "Do you remember your little brother being born?"

William teased his brother, saying, "I must have been 2. It's hard to see if you are a boy or a girl in that dress."

"Thank you for that," Prince Harry laughed.

The queen was also seen in the BBC documentary reminiscing with her son and successor, Prince Charles, about her long life.

"Do you remember doing this," she asked Charles while watching films of a beach holiday.

"Yes, vividly," Charles replied. "Always such fun playing hide-and-seek in the..."

"In the dunes," the queen added, finishing Charles' sentence.

Prince William spoke to the poignant memories and love between the Windsor family.

"She has just been the most incredible grandmother to me," he said of Queen Elizabeth. "I wish her a very, very happy birthday. I hope she knows how dear and fond everyone is of her."