Quirky New York bartender goes viral as 'Jeopardy' genius

Austin Rogers, 38, has fans on Twitter using the hashtag #austinonjeopardy.

— -- "Jeopardy" champion Austin Rogers is going viral for his brain power and hilarious style.

Austin Rogers, a New York City bartender, has won more than $278,000 on the game show in seven days so far.

"I'm not going to say there's a system or a code, but if you watch enough, you'll start seeing things repeat," said Rogers. "Like if it ever says 'sculptor,' it's probably going to be Auguste Rodin. If it ever says, 'American sculptor,' it'll probably be Alexander Calder. If it ever says Romanian poet, it'll be Enasescu."

"I have no idea who Enasescu is, but I've seen that come up three times in episodes across the decades," he added.

Rogers has developed many fans on Twitter who started using the hashtag #austinonjeopardy.

As for what he'll do with the money, Rogers said he'd like to buy a BMW.