Quiz: The Six Degrees of Reba McEntire

A blockbuster country music career that's spanned five decades has earned Reba McEntire the nickname "Queen of Country." But with successful forays into the worlds of acting and the apparel business, McEntire's influence extends well beyond the country music charts.

Little wonder, then, that McEntire's circle of friends and acquaintances is about as expansive as her talent. Click through to see if you can guess the surprising connections McEntire has forged over the years. With all the bold-faced names tied to McEntire by just one or two degrees, it might be enough to make Kevin Bacon jealous.

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Friends With a President

Which U.S. president is McEntire's email pen pal?

A. Barack Obama
B. George W. Bush
C. Bill Clinton
D. George H.W. Bush

American Idol Family Connection

Which American Idol winner is dating McEntire's stepson?

A. Fantasia Barrino
B. Kelly Clarkson
C. Jordin Sparks
D. Carrie Underwood

The Almost Backup Singer

Which successful country music singer once auditioned to be McEntire's backup singer but didn't get hired?

A. Faith Hill
B. LeAnn Rimes
C. Taylor Swift
D. Shania Twain

Gunning for Broadway

McEntire starred as Annie Oakley in a Broadway revival of "Annie Get Your Gun" in 2001. What soap star played Annie Oakley months before McEntire took on the role?

A. Genie Francis
B. Deirdre Hall
C. Susan Lucci
D. Erika Slesak

Getting Animated

Which actress joined Reba to voice animated characters in the 2006 movie "Charlotte's Web"?

A. Sarah Jessica Parker
B. Julia Roberts
C. Kyra Sedgewick
D. Madeleine Stowe

Play Ball

Reba McEntire was part of the wedding party at which pro baseball player's nuptials?

A. Johnny Damon
B. Derek Jeter
C. Alex Rodriguez
D. Nick Swisher

The Answers

Question 1: D. George H.W. Bush. Count baseball as among Bush and McEntire's common interests.

Question 2: B. Kelly Clarkson. On a lark, McEntire and Clarkson once sang karaoke together in Nashville. "I think we closed the place down," McEntire recalled.

Question 3: A. Faith Hill. Though she didn't make the cut as a back-up singer, both McEntire and her husband agreed at the time that Hill was destined to be a big star.

Question 4: C. Susan Lucci. Lucci starred as Annie Oakley from 1999 to 2000. McEntire made her Broadway debut in the role in January 2001.

Question 5: B. Julia Roberts. Roberts voiced the character of Charlotte the spider while McEntire lent her voice to the character of Betsy the Cow.

Question 6: D. Nick Swisher. Swisher's wife, Joanna Garcia, acted alongside McEntire in McEntire's eponymous CW sitcom, Reba.

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