Rapper DMX Rushed to Hospital After Asthma Attack, Says Lawyer

The rapper is at home and doing better, his attorney says.

— -- DMX was rushed to a Yonkers, New York, hospital last night after an apparent asthma attack, his lawyer Murray Richman told ABC News.

The rapper, born Earl Simmons, was at a local Ramada at the time of the incident, according to both his lawyer and the manager of the hotel, Hari Shukla. He was rushed to the hospital last night and is doing better today.

"I saw him this morning and he looked fine," Shukla told ABC News.

Richman added that ambulances arrived at the hotel after DMX, 45, "suffered an asthmatic attack."

"He was treated by police and the ambulance service, and taken to a Yonkers hospital," Richman said. "I spoke to his wife this morning and he is home and doing well."

Richman said DMX was released from the hospital this morning.

The rapper's attorney could not confirm if the "asthmatic" attack was life-threatening.

Richman said DMX will perform in concert as scheduled on Saturday.