'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star Phaedra Parks on Ex-Husband Apollo Nida 'I'll Always Love Him'

PHOTO: Phaedra Parks Nida, Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8.PlayMark Hill/Bravo
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Phaedra Parks said fans of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" will see "my divorce become final" when the series returns.

The attorney divorced Apollo Nida, who is currently serving an eight-year prison stint for bank fraud and identity theft. The two wed in 2009, having two sons -- Ayden, 6, and Dylan, 3 -- together before their split.

"I'm glad that I'm able to enter a new chapter in my life," Parks told ABC News, "but at the same time as a woman and as a probably anal person who's very ambitious, you don’t want to be the most successful business person and be a failure at personal relationships."

Still, the mother of two said she's moved on from Nida.

"I'll always love him because he’s the father of my children so I can never be regretful of that because out of our union came these beautiful awesome kids," she said. "But as far as being in love with him romantically, I’m definitely not at that place in my life anymore."

Parks, 43, said viewers will see just how hard it's been adjusting to being a working single mom when season 9 premieres Nov. 6. Thankfully, the mortician said she has help -- her mother, Regina, her governess and her life manager.

Still, the mother said she does feel like a piece of her family is missing with Nida behind bars.

"Where we feel his absence [is] when the boys ask, 'Show me how to play football.' I know obviously quite a bit about the game, but I’m not the best football coach," she admitted.

Parks also revealed that although she's visited Nida in Fort Dix, the low-security New Jersey prison where Nida is serving his time, her two boys haven't returned since we saw them trek there in a March 6 episode.

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On season 9, Parks said viewers can also expect to see her spend a lot of time with her "RHOA" co-star Porsha Williams since the two are both single. But Parks admitted that Williams may be having more luck in her personal life because she hasn't been dating at all.

It didn't stop her from creating a business out of her predicament.

"We actually have a dating app," Parks revealed. "We are trying to navigate those waters. We’re very excited and happy about that."

Still, Parks said there's a reason why she's timidly stepping back into the dating game.

"Obviously when you’re on a television show, you have to be somewhat guarded and when you’re a parent you have to be somewhat protective because I’ve got these two boys," she explained. "I always said if I dated someone they would really be dating my two children. It would be a joint venture for all of us."

Season 9 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" premieres Sunday on Bravo at 8 p.m. ET/PT.