Rick Springfield reveals he considered suicide last year

PHOTO: Rick Springfield in New York in this Aug. 5, 2015 file photo in New York City.PlayJohn Lamparski/WireImage via Getty Images, FILE
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Rocker Rick Springfield revealed today that he considered suicide as recently as last year.

"Last year, I was close to it -- really close to it," he admitted in an interview on SiriusXM’s "Feedback."

The "Jessie's Girl" singer, 68, opened up while discussing his new song "Suicide Manifesto" from his forthcoming album, "The Snake King."

"'Suicide Manifesto' is stuff I think about. I’ve been close to it," he said.

Referring to the suicide deaths of Robin Williams and rockers Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, he said, "I didn’t go, 'Oh that’s terrible.' I went, 'I get it.' I get being that lost and dark."

He added, "You’re in so much pain that you just want it to end. I have been there and I know what it’s like and I understand. It’s just part of your makeup."

PHOTO: Rick Springfield performs at the Ryman Auditorium, May 20, 2015, in Atlanta.Katie Darby/Invision/AP, FILE
Rick Springfield performs at the Ryman Auditorium, May 20, 2015, in Atlanta.

Springfield previously wrote about his long battle with depression in his 2011 autobiography "Late, Late at Night," where he detailed a suicide attempt at age 17. He survived when a rope he used for a noose snapped.

"I don't know how I survived it, but I survived a hanging," he said, referring to the incident.

Springfield said he thought having kids would change things.

"When I had kids I said, 'OK that takes suicide off the table, that’s not an option anymore, I don’t care how bad I feel." But now my kids are grown," he said. "It’s really weird...it would devastate them. I don’t know how I could ever come to terms with that. But it rides on my shoulder every day."

PHOTO: Jacklyn Zeman and Rick Springfield on General Hospital, July 9, 1981.ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images, FILE
Jacklyn Zeman and Rick Springfield on "General Hospital," July 9, 1981.

The "General Hospital" alum said he has taken medication in the past but the only thing that seems to temporarily lift the depression is meditation.

"Meditation is the only thing that takes me out of it," he explained. "If I truly meditate and focus and get to that place, I’m not depressed. No matter what’s going on. But it’s pretty hard."

Springfield said he's honest about how he's feeling any given day.

"I’m at the point now in my life where I want to do what’s truthful," he said.

PHOTO: Rick Springfield and Meryl Streep in Ricki and the Flash.SONY
Rick Springfield and Meryl Streep in "Ricki and the Flash."