Rick Springfield Explains Why His Music Lasts

Singer's new book, "Magnificent Vibrations," offers a look into the career, philosophy of the musician.
2:30 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for Rick Springfield Explains Why His Music Lasts
the soundtrack live and we all know him as Dr. Noah drake on "General hospital" now a novelist to his long list of talents. Critics are calling his new book, "Magnificient vibration," a buckle your seat belt ride and Rick is here to talk to us all about it. Thank you so much for making their day, the jesses and that one Jesse in particular. I've never seen that many jesses altogether. It's kind of an interesting thing. Guinness book of world records, I think. Before we start talking about your book, what do you think it is after so many years that that song still vibrates for us? I don't know. I think it tells a familiar story in kind of a unique way and taking on a life of its own once I wrote it and put it out there. I have nothing to do with that life and I'm very proud of it and fortunate but -- Still sounds so, so good. I don't know what happened. You've said that writing is a passion that you've known. You've had since you were a very young man. Tell us how you came to write this novel. Well, actually it was recommended by my editor that I -- after I wrote my autobiography. Which was a best-seller. Yes, I was very proud of that and encouraged me to write Fick. I had written fiction when I was a kid like scabman and the thing under the stairs and pus boy and horror stories and I've always wanted to get back to the writing prose so it was a good -- the autobiography was a good jumping off point. "Magnificient vibration," what is a magnificent vibration. An extreme novel. It's metaphysical Cal and has to do with -- it's a dark comedy, first of all. So you have to have a sense of humor, a guy, 32, just gone through a brutal divorce, hates his job, thinks his life is over and takes a self-help book called -- "Magnificient vibration." "Magnificient vibration." Discover your true purpose and on the inside cover, 1-800-call-god and he does and god has an out today. And this is pulled from your own life? I think every character has -- you start from a point of truth with every character and then once -- as the story evolves they take on their own life but every character has a part of me in them. Especially the crazy ones. Well -- The one obsessed with his private parts. Oh. Okay. Well, the critics are loving it. We want to thank you so much for being here for serenading our jesses. Everybody, Rick's book, "Magnificient vibration," is available tomorrow and we will be right back here on "Good

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Singer's new book, \"Magnificent Vibrations,\" offers a look into the career, philosophy of the musician. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23588042","title":"Rick Springfield Explains Why His Music Lasts","url":"/GMA/video/rick-springfield-jessies-girl-singer-book-magnificent-vibrations-23588042"}