Rick Springfield Talks New Album, New Tour, & New Acting Roles

ABC News' Lesley Messer talks to the singer-songwriter about his new ventures on tour and on TV.
18:37 | 06/20/16

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Transcript for Rick Springfield Talks New Album, New Tour, & New Acting Roles
Everyone at Leisle master digital entertainment editor for ABC news I'm in Malibu today at Rick Springfield studio and we're here to talk about his upcoming album all of his new acting gigs and of course look at the world premiere for his new video for the single down signed an attorney camera. Focused on wreck and I'll talk to you later. V. Leno and you so much for her letting us come in here today in introducing asked Q you're Norwich Terrier. She's the US. Ma. So sense how little bit about what you've been up to lately you've got so much going on at the end of the month in leading into July. Now we have some mature coming up that was going with Loverboy who romantics and Niagara injured different combinations not. And that's gonna keep is pretty pretty busy yeah through the summer but is he acting so it's really. Number one from here and now you know so we're looking through the great acting crisis. Got surviving. So let's with a tour where where did you definitely want to thank our fair city that you had that. Self interest has it that every city is different but it's a hotel and gate to most of the time for us and what makes it different as a people and an audience that's really what kind of remember about it. The show we get long in Wichita. Two nights ago I was. Has got door they got the first world congress storming. Government constantly terrible knows when the best children it was like ninety degrees. Humid everybody was so so live photos just to grapevine. Incredible. You know would you turn sunlight and it's something great that's what that's what your member. We'll tell me what you need to haven't developed might and are destroying statues left and it was studios called the black lagoon that's way anyone. Or free. But yet there's there's a lot easier and here but urgent and grave. But I must haves on your toward her things the definitely ain't happy Keogh at all times. Indeed that she doesn't travel well slow. This is a first time got into in a bus tour since eighty since eighty. So it's the habit like our own back on the submarine after World War II France for me you know yeah. That their their look better buses it pretty great now solemn. My make field road just sleep clues. The first indigo is just wrote using knives and it's an expert and we really wells very importantly. He clean on the road diocese and come off in better shape. Really brilliant work on every day and I'm. You know that's. In or past like. Let's go out and drink and party and play. According Brad so we you know we love to play great bend incredible that's editor. In them. So we look for you know I expect us if we get paid to travel. Attention back. To anything ever Utley tree you let. Thank you shouldn't that acts now people and cops he wants no longer in charge and go to the city retro but what unique creation rituals. I. Yeah we glitch here every night the congress. Unitas you know pretty we're very close ban anyway that we just lost a guitar tech Ruben. Route the last couple cancers occur it in. We did benefits where everything we do mean here is all we dues to be yours you know we did a whole like two weeks cheers him. And when it was common for him. So you know it's it's it's that's really the only thing we're it's allowances I'm not superstitious but. If Thursday's like it is superstition is who we're got a huge here if what immovable all gonna do it to someone in the room it quicker and institute. Brett can ever on an honor he mentioned acting at Tommy what made you decide says start doing at and and what projects you're looking out for. When did I start what made you decide to get into acting and. Aren't certain what what made me society into his broken neck loosely but I could make money as an actor while most of it. Actors who the class I was going to work. Waiting tables. You know waiting for acting so it's kind of a whence it into really. Because I was just let my manages 1975. And goes that fifty just yesterday act Alderson got a bill. Keep dropping the so why. Sorry ID DD what was it. Not all white what are you looking for your next patch acts. This are talking about. Because I said why why aren't lending and what's your next yeah I was I was doing nothing and my brother and acting in Australia. And I. There it it's a look alike resistant via actors are musician. So it's a very close. It RO. And it seemed an obvious thing to me rather than. You know trying to image of bankers. Can't ended before. So noise started acting and an ice ice study a couple of years old oh at some. So Johnson is right start working. Accurately enough. So wet kind of project would you like to do next a talker what is right is so great. It's on cable channels TV program through this and is that you start like Six Million Dollar Man. And one woman. And Paul. Belzer left. The riding get the script you know. This is head of the big. But that the that the writing now is so incredible. It's just really exciting to two to work because it's art for the writing goes are running. Cal application. And entry detective in the rightly so. Yeah. It's as good as any better handle most movies there MTV are you keeping your eye on TV. But both I mean I just didn't have a movie comical traces. Six the Kevin Bacon's daughter yes right well that. It was good it was it's a good good good little script Adam. Room. A guy who owns a record store in our stores being. Silt and Urban Outfitters so you know it's that's that whole thing that's that they love the old. All labor that uses this guy on mentoring who that's ago that's a good story to its own story and of people in the right. Music has been. Sort of factor in the and some of that other acting projects you've done recently obviously when Ricky and lack. Is it easy is it more fun for you to kind of play musician and. Let's I. You don't really play a musician Brett even an actor you know they don't hire doctors to play doctors are actors who play. So I didn't like Ricky and flash. I wasn't. I didn't go okay I'm a musician I was a human beings and human story with a girl with a woman nozzle of where things Seattle there. And I'm so you don't. I think it's in I mean easier cast as a musician because Jonathan wanted. Boston played for real joke endemic director didn't want to overcoming didn't want endless loops and so he wanted an actor who could really really. Cut it on the guitar so that kind of gave me an edge but there are quite a few actors it actually play guitar and they looked at musicians also immigrant players and here they could. Or that they like me OC apartment. So it does give me a bit of an end but it also a double it's sort of like. Every time I you know what I saw staying on and a marvelous thing. Yeah it's such a persona it's hard to get. Pass it that's why. A lot of kept people who cast low. Cast unknowns because every known person confident that he met I'm premise and more from my existence I'd just. Rick Springfield come to summit baggage just been named miss it every actor every person comes with their own bags. I get that that's chant yes saw I am. But I love acting and and I love I love playing against Heitmann coming them. Beat the California occasion thing Utley a guy named Rick Springfield but it was not me it was a character but it was a very. You know hedonistic jerk of a guy but it was great to place similar. And the same with the tree detective Edwards has. But a creek but he doesn't seem so creep you Casey's over the creek leaders thought he was better and everybody on the leak news so period. Well but he do you that you are known me I wouldn't call it baggage but you are obviously very well known. For certain songs including taxis currently shall be singing high and EC's greatest catch the end of the month. Tell me a little bit about it what it is to revisit those Xperia. Well they've come I've played them so much honestly we can't kick of the state make jokes on Cutler played Jesse's girl in the crowd. Big blue's everything just help it. That that they become more than songs that mean that part of my life and having written a song. They are really part of elected they become like your kids and and and Jesse's girl is just. The most talented prettiest if your kids that you. Put up. Uncles and that's gonna do it well we're you know the and BP can't yet India and MVP and them. So all I'm I mean. I'm. I heard people say you know he had clinches his girl but I don't I'm very proud of having written the song America proud of the place of the taken and you know you agree that we did she does have showed every time we do a show the whole audience is seeing in the horses threatening kids him. Teens and older people and so it's that's a powerful thing to see that. Well tell us about the new song down wet what was the inspiration for that and how long did he direct. That took us from a lab that to Nashville. It was filming something actually in Nashville. Jada markets Ratko flags was they cast him in Monroe to get into acting too so. We met at the bar after the shoot no we got along well enough. And a big ice storm came in and to Atlanta facility shut production down I think it's a natural we have a couple of gigs. And Jay lives there are so he brought his tour bus to Peter collect until. They put this up it's always stayed his Torres and there were no planes flying so he said you are right back with me. On the tour bus solar I didn't. And musicians when they get together they. But most of them try to write a song that got some spirit. And no we just started jamming came up with them. And we who finished the song exceptional lyrics finished the melody and a court struck by Merck. And I don't have. Wow them. Now you mentioned before that for a song called down actually very uplifting. Yeah well it that Jay actually came up with a title should Wear that down but like. It's not on down or I feel bad so I'll never let you go so and I thought that was really cool. And so. And I've worked I did work at that concept into lurks Erica Coleman. And rook Wheeler. Adam. I was if you've got to start with something I'd love to start with a title so at least you not to singing. X you know you see a lot of stupid stuff what you're writing to you don't be don't nibble her ex bear as a knot things all right incurred are. That. So that we had we had if you have got to have a focus. Where dealers are gonna gold what the feel of the songs so having the title this is was a real. What the music video I know it's shot in San Diego right on the water it's stunning. What was that she lake and how did you come up with that concept. I want to accurately idea of just standing on a beautiful cliff Coosa so many great places here. It is of a severity. Open heart soul. And and I just switches from what you much are drawn to deals on. On YouTube. To use a drone and have the drone film you know Phyllis honest calypso. We've got this great drone. Pilot and and it it's just amazing some of the stuff and they did look you know hand held stuff around the band to. So it took us about no a couple of hours begin Italy at the drones are gonna put a lot of helicopter pilots out of. Does this. Say it but the footage is stunning in its rate in San Diego right yeah. Classic clips yet we re got a permanent and then. Parity you know they put set the band right in the and because Iran that it had to go like. Move about a mile away so when a drone shooting you're not seeing of people staying in the background that it was we just talk himself. Let's say is there anything AJ no where that you premiere the video for the first time group is there anything I didn't ASCII or that you wanted to ask about the song that tore anything. To sort of give anything to say. I'm not very top jelly. Guards a studio very well. I don't know I just look look at forward of the tour lakers. I truly loved to play. I really actually get asked a lot why you wipe it why do you still tour. Tour because that's my connection to the world has. I live out here you know and it's kind of I'm very. Merriam. Now actually longer. And let them know working. On really Amato you know writing what we're doing something. That just symbols me I don't really have any pursues that involve other people and then playing live rent so that's I don't go to parties and our dinner party guy. And so that's my connection to humanity it really is and it's a great connection. You know I mean that. Everybody's error have a great time and then and it's. It's a real high I mean that makes that the slaughter of the travel really really. One you'll be across the United States all summer soap fans everywhere have a chance to check you out. I'm going to you turn the camera to me thank you so much rec earned Manning then use. An hey guys lastly again without further into you. We'd like T Sherry Q the world premiere Rick Springfield new music video for his singled down thanks again for joining us and sees. Lack.

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