Rob Lowe: Jodie Foster Supported Me During My Sex Tape Scandal

And the surprising actress who supported him almost 30 years ago.

Almost three decades later, the actor is opening up about the incident he said took place during his "pre-sobriety days," where a big part of his life then was dedicated to getting "laid by a beautiful woman."

Lowe, now 51, did not face criminal charges for the incident in Georgia and checked himself into rehab a couple years later. He's been sober ever since.

For Lowe, what really sticks out about that time is the friends who stood by him right after the tape was made public.

He added, "Oh, and Hugh Hefner took me aside at one point and said, ‘You had to do it. The technology existed.’”

But Lowe has always stayed positive and actually thinks the tape scandal helped him grow as a person.

"For someone in recovery like me, the single greatest hurdle — the number one with a bullet that will make you drink — is resentment. You can’t have it. People always say, ‘How have you been sober 26 years? What’s the secret?’ Well, that’s it," he said. "If somebody else is achieving more than I am, that means I can do it, too. Everybody has the ability to raise themselves up, and my life has been marked by that.”