Robin Williams Death: 'O Captain, My Captain' Trending on Twitter

See the heartwarming pics fans around the world are posting.

— -- With the sudden, shocking death of movie and comedic legend Robin Williams on Monday at the age of 63, fans have taken to Twitter to share their favorite scenes and films starring the icon.

One heartwarming trend on Twitter are the hashtags #MyCaptain and #OCaptainMyCaptain, a line from one of Williams' first and most notable films, "Dead Poets Society."

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In the final scene of the 1989 movie, Williams has been fired from his teaching position and his pupils all stand on their desks in defiance of him being forced to leave.

Well, fans around the world have started to take pictures of themselves standing on desks and posting them in a touching way.

Nordbergh wrote "#MyCaptain bon voyage, Mr. Williams!"

Another fan, Bart Holomaeus wrote "Oh captain #MyCaptain i will miss him so bad, he was an awesome Actor."

Now, these are coming in from all over the world, showing the reach Williams and his work had. Here are other touching tributes from fans.

Even the fashionable were touched by Williams.

Robin Williams, we salute you! #EveryonesCaptain!

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