Ryan Gosling Says 'It's Heaven' Living With Eva Mendes, 2 Daughters

Gosling's new film, "The Nice Guys," hits theaters May 20.

The couple's first child, 1-year-old Esmeralda, is now joined by their newborn daughter Amada Lee, making the Gosling-Mendes home a 3-to-1, girl-to-boy ratio.

Gosling, who also plays a dad on-screen in "The Nice Guys," stars opposite Crowe as a private investigator.

Gosling, 35, and Crowe also appear in mock couple's therapy promos for the movie, which addresses the popular "Hey Girl" Internet memes featuring Gosling's photo.

"I wish I could [explain the memes] -- honestly, I was hoping you could give me a little clarity on it," Gosling joked to Amy Robach of “GMA.” "I think we're all confused. I don't really deserve it. I never said that. I never said it."

"The Nice Guys" hits theaters May 20.