Ryan Lochte Spoof Closes 2016 MTV VMAs

Michael Phelps had the most priceless reaction.

1 - Kanye's Rambling Speech

2 - Beyonce

Bey crushed it, plain and simple. The show's centerpiece 15-minute performance featured her picking up a bat and smashing one of the MTV cameras. The network didn't seem to mind as she rocked Madison Square Garden with classic songs from her album, "Lemonade." The fans in attendance were floored.

Later, the U.S. Gymnastics team met the Queen and were in heaven.

3 - Britney B-----

4 - Rihanna

The Vanguard Award winner performed five times throughout the night and closed the show with "Stay," "Diamonds" and some other hits. Along with Beyonce, it really was a night for celebrating the best female singers in the business, and Rihanna is right there at the top.

"When it comes to fashion and style, she makes it look effortless," he added. "What's most impressive is the person."

"This is such an amazing night, such an amazing moment in my career," she said, accepting the award.

5 - Ryan Lochte Spoof

"That’s my jam. I wrote that song," he joked, then said he directed all five nominees for the night's big award. He also made a joke about having "a gun to my head."

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