Ryan Reynolds' Daughter James Recognizes Him in His 'Deadpool' Costume

"Sexiest Dad Alive" opens up about his 14-month-old daughter with Blake Lively.

"Talking at 14 months -- isn't that young?" DeGeneres asked.

"She has a few words in her vocabulary," the "Deadpool" star explained about his first child with wife Blake Lively. "She sees me all over the place because right now the 'Deadpool' advertising is everywhere. So, when we go to New York City it's on top of the cabs and she's like 'Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada.' I don't know how she -- I mean I'm in a mask, but yeah she knows that's me."

DeGeneres then pointed out, "Well obviously you've worn that around the house."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Only Wednesday nights," Reynolds joked.

Reynolds also spilled the details on filming one of the fight scenes in "Deadpool" -- while completely nude. Check out the video below:

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