Sally Field, Julia Roberts Have [Bleep]ing Fun in 'Celebrity Curse-Off'

PHOTO: Sally Field and Julia Roberts appear in a skit called "Celebrity Curse-Off" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," May 5, 2014.Play@JimmyKimmelLive/Twitter
WATCH Julia Roberts, Sally Field Compete in 'Curse Off' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Dirty words can be funny, especially when Oscar-winning actresses are the ones saying them.

Sally Field and Julia Roberts participated in a “Celebrity Curse-Off” on Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” a chance for the stars to showcase their vocabulary of swear words. The rules: Each participant has five seconds to come up with an original curse word. No repeats!

The segment featured the “Steel Magnolias” co-stars trading unprintable phrases and put-downs.

“Why am I in a curse-off with ‘The Flying Nun?’” Roberts joked, recalling Field’s 1960s sitcom.

The former Flying Nun served as an apt participant, drawing from her library of swears, unabashedly stringing cuss words together.

Roberts, meanwhile, struggled, covering her face with her hands in embarrassment.

“This is a massacre,” Kimmel said.

As the tension escalated, Field, 67, studied a cheat-sheet – is that allowed?! Roberts, 46, squirmed before shouting the ultimate answer, three words that brought the game to a close.

But it wasn’t enough. Kimmel hung a giant bar of soap around Field’s neck and the confetti rained, a celebration for the first “Celebrity Curse-Off” champion.