Why Sean Astin Won't Let Himself Get Too Excited For 'Goonies 2'

"They've wanted to do a sequel since the first one came out," he said.

April 12, 2014 — -- Sean Astin said he's not letting himself get too worked up about a possible "Goonies 2."

With that said, if it happens he's inclined to see himself back as part of the "Goonies" gang. Last weekend, the original film's director Richard Donner revealed a sequel was in the works.

"[Richard] said he wanted everybody to come back and if that’s true I can’t imagine, it wouldn’t work out," Astin told ABC News Wednesday night in New York City.

The reason Astin, 43, isn't getting pumped just yet is "They’ve wanted to do a sequel since the first one came out."

"It was huge hit movie when it came out, and it’s sort of ready made for sequel style material," he explained. "They just couldn't figure out the balance between us and the kids."

But Astin said, "If Dick [Donner] says the sequel is going forward, they must have found the magic ... I've always said I'm open for everything."

Astin added that the 1985 cult classic was his first movie at just 15, but that a sequel would be a complex thing and he's prepared if it doesn't happen, as well.

Astin spoke to ABC on behalf of his new FX show "The Strain," Guillermo del Toro's take on vampires.

"This one is interesting, even though it’s vampires it’s treated like science," Astin explained. "It's a unique take on vampire."