'Sharknado 3': Why Ending Might Change TV Forever

The goofy movie just took things to a new level.


The "Sharknado" series has had an impact with its crazy plots and epic death scenes, but the third installment that aired Wednesday night on SyFy may have taken the cake.

SyFy started a Twitter campaign to see if Reid's character lives to see "Sharknado 4" or if she dies. Fans also can vote on the network's website.

"Will April make it to 'Nado number 4? YOU DECIDE! VOTE now using #AprilLives OR #AprilDies! #Sharknado3," the official movie handle wrote last night.

Reid immediately tried to get #AprilLives trending.

Some of her co-stars started to do the same.

But in the end, you decide. Will other movies and shows follow suit? Only time will tell.