Sherri Shepherd Gets Emotional During Last Day on 'The View'

PHOTO: Sherri Shepherd on the Aug. 11, 2014 episode of "The View"/ ABC
Sherri Shepherd on the Aug. 11, 2014 episode of "The View"/

It was an emotional goodbye today on "The View," as Sherri Shepherd shed some tears on her last show.

Shepherd came out dancing with co-host Jenny McCarthy and heard cheers of "Sherri, Sherri, Sherri," from the audience.

"This is an emotional day for all of us," host Whoopi Goldberg began. "After seven seasons, Sherri is moving on to different, bigger and better things."

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"I'm so extremely and profoundly grateful," Shepherd said. "This has been one of the best seven years of my life. I tell people, step out of the fear, because I didn't want to take this job, because I'm not a prosecutor, I don't know anything. ... I have to say my boss, Barbara Walters, pushed me. I cried in my dressing room for three years saying, 'What am I doing on this table?'"

Shepherd talked about the time Goldberg came rushing in to her dressing room while she was crying, gave her a pep talk and said, "If Barbara didn’t think you could do this, she wouldn’t ask you to be here."

"I'm so grateful for the group of friends and family that I have made and that as supported me," she added. "If you fall, get back up.... I'm so thankful to be here. This is like, I never thought that I would be friends with Arsenio Hall ... taking off my makeup in the mirror with Whoopi ... Jenny McCarthy. Donnie [her fiance] calls me more than ever."

She closed, "This is surreal to me: I am sitting here and thinking 'I can’t believe I'm interviewing these people.'"