Simone Biles Talks Life Post Olympics, Autobiography and Internet Trolls

The gold medalist reacts to haters online and focuses on her busy schedule.

— -- Simone Biles is one very busy 19-year-old.

The four-time gold medalist at this year's Rio Olympics spoke to ABC News while she was attending the Quickbooks Connect conference in San Jose, California. Biles had just been in New York City the day before and had traveled to Pennsylvania a few days prior.

The Olympian takes her packed schedule in stride. She said a simple schedule helps her though all these "fun events."

"It kind of helps me build out my day," she said. "It's pretty rough, but it's good."

In addition to her crazy traveling schedule, Biles also has an autobiography, "Courage to Soar," out in the next couple weeks.

"It's just me telling my life. I know it's all over the internet, but I wanted you guys to hear it from me," she said. "When I was younger I was adopted [by grandparents], that's in there. Then, the things I've had to go through and the competitions, injuries."

In fact, she's so busy right now that her days off are rare. But she tries to make time for friends, including fellow Olympian Aly Raisman.

"I have a couple off days ... on tour, I have like four or five shows in a row, but we are excited about everything we do, because these are opportunities we might not get again," she said. "The girls and I love to go to the pool or go get our nails done, or we just go shopping. A lunch place to go to or a dinner place to go to, as well."

What Biles has absolutely no time for are internet trolls.

After appearing in a Jake Miller music video last week, there were some comments made on Twitter and other forms of social media. Biles is too busy to entertain hurtful slurs.

"Honestly like most of the time, I'm so busy, I don't even see any of it," she told ABC News.

She added, "I have no idea what people are talking about, I know it's crazy to say that. I'm on tour, I'm going to events and appearances. I don't have time to see any of that."

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