Singer LOLO on Working with Panic at the Disco!, Broadway and New Album

— -- Best known for her featured vocals on Panic! At the Disco’s album "Death of a Bachelor," singer and songwriter LOLO is preparing to release her second album. In the forthcoming album titled "In Loving Memory of When I Gave a S---," LOLO deeply reflects on her journey thus far, painting a picture of a woman who is finding herself in the midst of challenges and adversity.

In 2013, LOLO made the Billboard 100 charts with Panic! At the Disco’s single 'Miss Jackson,' Not only were her vocals featured on the album, she also helped write the track 'Death of a Bachelor' which she based on lead singer Brendon Urie’s marriage. “I really wrote that song about him and his wife Sarah,” she admits. “Here you’ve got this guy that’s an alternative rock icon and he’s got girls throwing themselves at him all the time and yet he is a very devoted husband. I think he’s the most amazing male rock singer that’s out there right now.”

The 28-year-old Tennessee native isn’t new to performing. LOLO, then going by her given name Lauren Pritchard was part of the original cast of Broadway’s “Spring Awakening,” before signing to Universal/Island Records in the UK to debut her first album. Now back in the United States, LOLO says she’s excited to share her new album and personal journey with her fans. “To be able to have a physical sonic representation of my own personal growth and attempt at becoming a human being is encouraging.”

For this album, LOLO says she tried something different, taking a reverse approach to producing by concentrating more on the songwriting and less on the beat. “I wanted to have the focus be on the words and the melodies that were supporting those words.” The record, which was recorded with a live band, will be released September 9th.