Sofia Vergara Opens Up About Nick Loeb's Embryo Battle

“I’m doing the right thing--I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said.

ByABC News
May 4, 2015, 2:31 PM

— -- Sofia Vergara is breaking her silence about her ex-fiance Nick Loeb and his very public battle to keep the embryos they froze while they were still together.

Loeb, from whom Vergara, 42, announced her split in May 2014, penned an opinion piece last week in the New York Times to explain why he wants to “protect” the embryos. Loeb is not alleging that Vergara is actively trying to destroy the embryos. He writes that it is his mission to preserve them at all costs.

Vergara, who is now engaged to "Magic Mike" star Joe Manganiello, spoke to Howard Stern on Monday and said there was paperwork in place for this issue for good reason when the two decided to freeze the embryos. According to Loeb, the paperwork states that "no unilateral action can be taken with regard to the embryos unless both parties consent."

"I’m not going through anything, he is going through it," Vergara said, after Stern asked how's she's doing through all of this.

Vergara added that there are two viable embryos left and that she doesn't believe Loeb should use them because a child “needs a loving relationship of parents that get along."

Asked about his op-ed in the Times, which she hasn't read, Vergara said she understands Loeb's desire to be a father, but added "the thing is signed papers, legal papers and if it was so serious for him, this issue, which I totally respect if it’s serious for someone, then you should have taken it more sedulously at the time, like I did."

She said that contracts between the couple were drawn up twice and reviewed.

“Two times and suddenly you want to change your mind,” she continued. Vergara said she’s not worried that a judge would overrule the contracts.

“I’m doing the right thing--I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said.

As for what Manganiello thinks, she said "we try not to even talk about it, we have lawyers and we are having so much fun right now."