Soul Singer Sunny Ozell Debuts 'American-inspired' New Album

PHOTO: Sunny Ozell performs new songs from her forthcoming album Take It With Me at The Social, July 06, 2015, in London, England.PlayFred Duval/Getty Images
WATCH Sunny Ozell Performs 'Number One'

American soul singer, Sunny Ozell is laying the groundwork for her next bold statement in music with her new album, ‘Take it With Me’. With tracks like, ‘Git Gone’ and ‘Number One’, Ozell spins blues, jazz and "American-inspired" music into one album.

Ozell, who has referred to herself as a ‘child of jazz’ started studying music at an early age. By four-years-old, she had begun studying the Suzuki method of classical violin and, by twelve, she was the only child member of the Reno Opera Company. “You learn everything so then you can leave it all behind,” Ozell said.

Ozell has been pursuing her career -- making records, touring and performing -- at intimate New York live venues like Rockwood Music Hall and the Living Room.

“Moving to New York City and playing and listening with the wonderful music community that we have here has really been the guiding force of where I’ve arrived,” Ozell said.

“To be able to call myself a New York City based musician," she added, "is just a pleasure and I still get a real kick out of it.”