Rosie: 'I Dream of Angelina Jolie'

It was the one-year anniversary of Rosie magazine, but Rosie O'Donnell had many reasons to celebrate.

O'Donnell is capping off the sixth year of her daytime talk show. She just released an autobiography Find Me. And she also came out of the closet as a lesbian. At the star-studded party in New York Monday, featuring a performance by Roberta Flack, O'Donnell says the happiness in her life is still tempered by the events of Sept. 11. "I think the world shifted," she says, "and life became forever different." Still, the last year has been a whirlwind of changes, from the book, the announcement that she's leaving daytime TV, and becoming more active in advocating gay adoption. Book Not About Sexuality

O'Donnell's makes reference in the book to her partner of four years, Kelli Carpenter, but she says the book is not about her sexuality. "I know people have been selling it as my love life," she says. "But it's not." O'Donnell has three adopted children — Parker, 6, Chelsea, 4, and Blake, 2 — and says she is in "a committed, long-term life relationship." Still, she's been much more candid in recent months about her private thoughts. Lately, she's been talking about Angelina Jolie. "I dream about her all the time and it's not like … adolescent boy-lust thing at all," she says. "There's something she represents to me and I think … she represents some sort of truth and beauty. "She's like a wild stallion, you know, running," she says. "She's the kind of person who jumps in the pool the night she wins her Academy Award."

ABCNEWS Radio's David Blaustein contributed to this report.