Slash Barred From Guns N' Roses Show

ByABC News
December 31, 2001, 10:35 AM

L A S  V E G A S, Dec. 31 -- Guns N' Roses made a rare concert appearance, but former member Slash wasn't allowed to see it.

Saturday night's sold-out show at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino was only the second U.S. gig that Guns have performed in eight years. Former guitarist Slash was in town for the show, but was turned away at the door.

Speaking briefly with ABCNEWS Radio, Slash said he tried to get in, but couldn't. A security guard confirmed his account, blaming band frontman Axl Rose for the exclusion.

Rose, the only member remaining from the group's classic Appetite For Destruction lineup, reportedly told the venue he would walk offstage if he saw any of his former bandmates in the audience.

European Tour? What European Tour?

Most of those who made it into the venue, however, seemed pleased with the show, despite technical difficulties that appeared to aggravate Rose.

"I couldn't really hear Axl's voice," one fan said. "But you know what? I've been waiting to See Guns N' Roses my whole life, so it was good times."

According to those who saw it, the band kicked off the set with "Welcome to The Jungle." Axl dressed in a Rich Gannon Oakland Raiders jersey and performed new material as well as classic Guns songs.

"It's not the old lineup," another fan said. "I mean, the guys weren't into it It just wasn't Slash."

Rose spoke directly to the crowd about the technical problems as well as the band's twice-aborted European tour, and their new lineup.

Rose blamed unresolved legal issues for the fact that he no longer performs with former members of the group and said he had never committed to play the much-publicized European tour, which was postponed this summer, rescheduled, and then canceled. In fact, he told the crowd that he learned about it on the Internet.