Travolta, Jackson Reunite for Basic

Travolta. Jackson. McTiernan. We can see the poster now for the just-announced military thriller Basic. Since it involves Samuel L. Jackson and the director of Die Hard, we expect to see some righteous indignation and some major ass-kicking. And with the addition of John Travolta, last seen fondling Halle Berry and blowing things up in Swordfish, we expect, uh, more bizarre facial hair

The plot is something about a Drug Enforcement Agency agent who investigates the disappearance of a legendary Army Ranger drill instructor and several cadets, according to Variety. We feel safe in saying that terrorists won't be involved in the proceedings, since no movies featuring scum-of-the-earth types like that are being green-lit right now.

Travolta and Jackson last starred together in, and were Oscar-nominated for, Pulp Fiction. Since then, they've both seen military action in General's Daughter, and Rules of Engagement, respectively.

At one point, Basic was set up at Columbia Pictures with Catherine Keener and Benicio Del Toro, and Lee Tamahori directing, which would undoubtedly have made for a less effective last-name-only poster.

Jackson just signed onto XXX opposite Vin Diesel, while Travolta recently wrapped Domestic Disturbance.

Basic is slated to start production in late November, and will be produced by Phoenix Pictures and financier Intermedia.