Macy Gray Can't Handle National Anthem

Fans in her hometown booed and laughed as

Macy Gray struggled through the national anthem before the Pro

Football Hall of Fame exhibition game.

Wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey and a large cap, the Grammy winner sang an offbeat, tentative version of The Star-Spangled Banner, on Monday night as her signature raspy voice grew ever more wobbly.

Ending Mercifully Drowned Out

Boos and laughter started when she stumbled over the words. A low-flying formation of planes drowned out the end. Hours earlier in a brief telephone interview with The Repository from her parents' home, Gray, whose real name is Natalie McIntyre, said she only agreed to the performance to please her mother. Asked if she was nervous about singing the anthem, Gray said, "I don't know, I have no idea what to expect." Gray also said she worked briefly for the Hall of Fame in summer 1987. "I was a tour guide and I got fired after like a week," she said.