Cruise Fuels Fiji Frenzy

Heard the reports that Aussie hotties Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman were staying at the same Fiji Island resort? Yawn, that's so last week. This week's featured Fiji celebrity is Tom Cruise, Nicole's estranged husband.

Before you picture the stars of Minority Report and Gladiator coming to blows over the comely Moulin Rouge lass, it's reported that Cruise hit the Fiji islands after Nicole was safely away. Must be a timeshare trade-off thing, eh?

The Australian Associated Press reports that Cruise arrived Sunday morning at the exclusive, $1,300-a-night Wakaya Club resort with an "unidentified female companion" and his entourage. Who could that mystery woman be?

Cruise's usually close-mouthed spokeswoman, Pat Kingsley, admitted to Entertainment Tonight that the megastar has had "a couple of dates" with his Vanilla Sky co-star Penélope Cruz. The Spanish beauty, who has been linked with nearly all her male co-stars since hitting American shores, has previously denied romancing the 39-year-old actor.

Meanwhile, an Australian gossip column in The Daily Telegraph claims that Kidman and Crowe, while both in Fiji at the same time, are not romantically involved. An "insider" tells the paper's Confidential column that Kidman was enjoying a "family holiday" with her kids, family, and friends, saying that there was "[n]othing romantic about it whatsoever."

Crowe was there with an Australian actress, claims the column, but it was La Femme Nikita's Peta Wilson, just one of the many women who's been linked to the burly ladies' man.