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July 19, 2001 -- The folks in Peoria are pretty picky about honoring their hometown heroes.

The Illinois community's City Council has agreed to name a street after ailing comedian Richard Pryor after two bids to recognize their former citizen were rejected.

"I think some of the humor that he has and how he portrays it — profanity or whatever — is not something that, I think some Peorians find it offensive," said City Planning Director Wayne Anthony.

It's no wonder that it took three tries to get his name on a city street, considering Pryor was one of the most subversive comics of his day. In his heyday, he used to rail nonstop about racism in America.

Anthony says the changed attitude among the council is partly due to a new influx of local politicians. "There's a group of citizens within the community that have an interest in naming something in honor of Richard Pryor [because] they believe he is due some recognition for his achievements," said Anthony.

Pryor, who appeared in such movies as Silver Streak and Greased Lighting, has not performed in several years. The comic, now 60, suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Ray Romano to Write, Star in Film

Everybody Loves Raymond on TV, but will they enjoy him on the big screen?

Actor Ray Romano wants to find out.

He plans to write and appear in a comedy about a divorced guy living in the New York borough of Queens who goes to Manhattan with his buddy to meet women. He'll write the script with King of Queens' actor Kevin James.

The aptly titled comedy, Bridge and Tunnel, will be produced when they are on hiatus from their TV shows.

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