Music Notes: Michael Jackson 'Invincible?'

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June 15, 2001 -- He's not just Bad — now Michael Jackson claims to be Invincible.

That's the title of his upcoming album, according to an Internet fan site that claims to have the inside scoop.

The new recording is due out in the fall. The self-proclaimed King of Pop is also expected to celebrate his lengthy career with a concert in September at New York's Madison Square Garden. It will feature a reunion with his brothers, as well as other singing guest stars.

Show producer David Gest says a second concert has been added, with the full lineup to be announced later this month.

Snaps to the Songwriters

The often-forgotten songwriters had their time in the spotlight Thursday night at the 32nd annual Songwriters' Hall of Fame.

This year's honorees include Dolly Parton, Paul Williams, Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton and Dianne Warren, whose hits include Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

The New York event included a surprise appearance by Whitney Houston, who introduced her cousin, Dionne Warwick. "I am proud to be her fellow artist," said Houston. "But I'm even prouder to be her kin."

Honoree Billy Joel said the night capped off his lifelong dreams. "I always wanted to be a composer before I ever considered even trying to be a rock 'n' roll recording artist," said Joel. "I was writing music first, so it's all kind of come full circle here."

He's now concentrating on classical music, but says he hasn't turned his back on pop. "If I get ideas for songs, I'll write some songs, but right now my interest is in writing piano music."

The event included plenty of jams, with all of the winners joining in on the Buddy Holly song "Not Fade Away" to end the night.

ABCNEWS Radio's Vinny Marino and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.

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