Cruise Sues Man for Offering Alleged Gay Sex Tape to Media

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June 5, 2001 -- Tom Cruise has launched another $100 million lawsuit, this time against a Los Angeles man who allegedly contacted several publications and offered to sell them a secret videotape of the actor having sex with a man.

Cruise said in the suit that the man, one Michael Davis, sent e-mails to at least a dozen news organizations, claiming that the star was caught on tape being unfaithful to then-wife Nicole Kidman. Cruise filed for divorce from the actress in February, triggering a firestorm of speculation as to why the couple's 10-year marriage had ended.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Davis e-mailed the Los Angeles Times, CNN, and Playboy, among others. Cruise's attorney, Bertram Fields, told the Reporter that the outlets didn't pick up the story "because they all know it is false."

"The false and defamatory assertions transmitted by Davis were of the sort calculated to cause plaintiff harm both personally and professionally," said the three-page lawsuit, which seeks $100 million in damages. The filing noted that such claims by Davis were "unequivocally false," since Cruise has never had a homosexual relationship, and that no such tape exists.

The petition states that Davis "is not his true name" and that the man's true name "is unknown to the plaintiff," the Reporter notes.

That's the second $100 million filing Cruise has pursued in the past month. The blockbuster star is also suing one Chad Slater, an "erotic wrestler" who is also known as Kyle Bradford, for alleging that Cruise's marriage was destroyed when Kidman discovered that the two men were having an affair. According to, Slater is known for "porn movies where he likes to climb into a ring and have encounters with his partners."

Cruise, one of the top box-office earners of all time, alleges that Slater's article, which the suit calls "fraudulent" and "malicious," could hurt his reputation with moviegoers since he is "dependent upon worldwide public acceptance of his films," according to the suit: "Losing the respect and enthusiasm of a substantial segment of the moviegoing public would cost Cruise very substantial sums."

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