Comic Cho Appears in 'Sex and the City' Premiere

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May 30, 2001 -- Comedian Margaret Cho will spice up the debut of HBO's popular Sex and the City series, but don't expect her to clean up her act.

Cho, who won acclaim as a trash-talking stand-up comic and crashed after her 1993 sitcom failed, will portray a fashion show diva who nose-dives after Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) enters her world.

"I curse a mean streak — curse like a sailor. It was very natural to me. The part was written for me, so it was very easy," Cho giggled to AP Radio.

The 32-year-old firecracker was very busy last year, with a book, a one-woman show, and a movie (all titled I'm the One That I Want) addressing her self-implosion after her TV show, All-American Girl, was axed. Cho was hospitalized in the mid-'90s after excessive dieting and drinking sent her into a tailspin.

As for her fashion role on Sex and the City, Cho says she has plenty of practice. "I love fashion. I love clothes. I'm very much a shopaholic and I'm an artist in what I wear," she said. "I think that my body is a canvas and I feel very excited and thrilled by all kinds of clothing. Clothes are an amazing resource, an amazing source of inspiration."

Sex and the City's new season bows on HBO at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

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