Chart Watch: Tool, Missy, Weezer, R.E.M.

TOP 10: Sometimes it pays off for a band to take a long time between releases. Though it released the grab-bag Salival last year, it's been five years since Tool dropped AEnima. For the last half-decade, the band has been mired in contractual lawsuits, which are often enough to kill a group's momentum. In this case, however, the Toolheads remained rabid, and with the legal issues behind them, Maynard and Co. sold 555,222 copies of Lateralus is its first week on the shelves.

Tool, of course, isn't the only band with a new offering. In fact, half of this week's Top 10 is made up of debut albums, including Missy Elliott's Miss E … So Addictive, which comes in at No. 2, selling more than 251,000 copies. Those two dislodge Destiny's Child's Survivor, which falls to No. 3 after a couple of weeks at the top, selling another 221,000.

Weezer's new self-titled album sells a surprising 215,000 copies, enough to earn it a No. 4 spot, while R.E.M.'s Reveal bows at No. 6, selling more than 126,000. In between the two of them is Janet Jackson's All for You, with sales of almost 150,000 copies.

Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 6 sells yet another 120,000 at No. 7, followed by Exciter, the new album from Depeche Mode, which sells almost 115,000. Paul McCartney's Wingspan falls seven notches to No. 9, with sales of more than 107,000, while the Moulin Rouge soundtrack wraps up the Top 10, selling almost 93,000 copies.

ALMOST FAMOUS: This week's No. 11 is last week's No. 6. Tim McGraw's Set This Circus Down sells almost 66,000 copies.

Swords Are Cool: The Knight's Tale soundtrack sells more than 28,000 copies, almost doubling its previous sales, and moving from No. 100 to No. 42.

DEBUTS: Outside the Top 10, there are still several notable debuts. Megadeth's The World Needs a Hero sells more than 61,000 at No. 16, while Olivia's self-titled album sells 23,000 at No. 55. God Bless the Go-Go's is this week's No. 57, selling almost 23,000, while Sylveena Johnson's Chapter One comes in at No. 101, selling 14,400 copies. At No. 102 is the Shrek soundtrack, which should climb with the film doing so well at the box office. And at No. 107 is the Cowboy Junkies' Open, which sells almost 13,000 copies.

BOTTOM FEEDING: This week's No. 200: Billy Gilman's One Voice, which sells 6,280 copies to barely make it onto the charts.