Puffy-esque Story Planned for Law & Order

ByABC News

May 3, 2001 -- Television crime drama Law & Order is well-known for drawing inspiration from the headlines of New York papers — but the show's writers didn't dig too deeply in the archive for their latest idea.

According to Foxnews, a new episode will feature a "black hip-hop star with his own clothing line, who has a Park Avenue townhouse and a place in the Hamptons." What's more, the show will be about a shooting at a nightclub where the star — whose name is Darryl "G-Trane" Collins — is partying with his girlfriend, named Allie Tejada, described as a "20s, Latina, rising star."

Of course, any resemblance to the recent legal drama of rap mogul Sean "Puff Daddy/P. Diddy" Combs and his former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez is purely coincidental.

The episode, titled "3 Dawg Night," is set to begin filming the week of May 7, though it's not scheduled to air until this fall, according to Foxnews. Casting for the episode is underway.

Combs' reps told the New York Post that the story was "pure entertainment" that "doesn't affect him."

Of course, Combs and Co. must be pleased that in the episode — just as in the March court finding — the rap star in question has nothing to do with the shooting.

The show may be more galling to Lopez — the Latina character in the episode reportedly pulls the trigger at the nightclub.

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