Music Notes: Janet Jackson Album

Janet Jackson gets personal on her new album, All For You.

The album, due out April 24, has already spawned a No. 1 hit with its title track. Insiders are saying the new songs are brimming with references to Jackson's love life. And the lyrics are not all so flattering to the men involved.

"Son of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)" features a guest appearance by Carly Simon and takes a shot at Jackson's estranged husband Rene Elizondo. The two are in the midst of a divorce and MTV Online reports the track responds to his decision to sue Jackson for $10 million. The song includes such lyrics as "Thought you'd get the money too … Greedy motherf--ker … try to have your cake and eat it too."

Jackson managed to keep her marriage to Elizondo a secret, despite the fact that she is a member of one of the most famous musical families. While promoting her album, she's also talking a bit about her upbringing.

"We didn't grow up having birthdays or celebrating Christmas or celebrating Halloween, none of those things because of religion. My mother was a Jehovah's Witness, so that was all out," said Jackson.

Singing to Fight MS

Some big names in music are teaming up to raise funds for the fight against multiple sclerosis with a benefit album and concert.

The album will include a new version of "Lean on Me" with the eclectic pairing of Gloria Estefan, 98 Degrees, Wyclef Jean and talk-show host Montel Williams, who has MS himself.

Also contributing to the album, The Race to Erase MS: Keeping the Dream Alive, are Mandy Moore, Destiny's Child, R. Kelly, Macy Gray, Brian McKnight and Donna Summer.

Summer and McKnight will participate in the May 18 fund-raiser in L.A., along with Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Lopez.

Dido the Friendly Neighbor

In between concert appearances and album promotions, Dido took time out to help a sick neighbor.

The British paper The Sun reports the singer's 70-year-old neighbor called her for help when he was had a heart attack.

Dido and her fiancé, Bob Page, gave him a ride to the hospital and ran some errands for him when he returned home. "I had no idea she was famous … I thought she was an accountant," said the unidentified.


Punksters Green Day have announced a quick North American summer tour. They'll play 13 dates between June 17 and July 3 before heading to Europe for the Reading, Leeds and Glasgow festivals. … This year's Tibetan Freedom Concert will be in the United Kingdom, with a lineup that may include Radiohead and Robert Plant, although the Los Angeles Times reports the organizers, the Beastie Boys, may sit this one out. … The upcoming Ally McBeal soundtrack will feature several tracks with Robert Downey Jr. singing, including a duet with Sting performing his hit "Every Breath You Take."


ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.