'Survivor's' Jerri Considers Playboy

It would be only a slight exaggeration to call Survivor's latest boot-ee, Jerri Manthey, the most hated person in America, so how popular would a nude photo spread of the aspiring actress be?

According to the New York Post, the 30-year-old Manthey is telling friends that she's been approached by Playboy to doff her clothes, and what's more, that she's dying to do it.

Favors Hugh Hefner Over Howard Stern

While the first round of Survivor-ettes, including Colleen Haskell and Jenna Lewis, had similar offers from the skin mag, they ultimately passed on the proposal.

The Post's Page Six reports that Manthey told friends at a party Monday night, "I may have turned down Howard Stern, but I want to do Playboy." Stern had reportedly offered Manthey $10,000 to take her top off on his show.

Manthey, who told Survivor Colby Donaldson on air that their snorkeling getaway was like a "honeymoon without the sex," is quoted by the Post as saying that the two had planned to "get together" after the show was over, "because we didn't want to be caught on air having sex." She said she changed her mind when she saw how mean Colby was in her last episode on the island. Colby's initial flirtation with the sharp-tongued Survivor had cooled to something approaching disgust by the time Jerri was forced to leave the Outback.

As for her "most hated" status, Jerri told The Early Show that she was "a little bit hurt" when she first saw the edited Survivor on TV. The actress-bartender blamed the editing for showcasing her worst moments, which she attributes to being hungry and cranky.

Meanwhile, the producers of the reality show have issued a formal apology for Colby's coral confiscation from the Great Barrier Reef, an illegal act that could warrant a hefty fee.