Sound Bites: Madonna, Moby, O Brother

Clandestine Madonna Video Maker Fined

Security adviser Robert Podesta, who hoped to score big with a secret video recording of the star-studded Dec. 21 baptism of Madonna's baby, was hit with a $1,400 fine today by a Scottish court. Podesta, 51, had hidden for more than 24 hours in the organ loft of the 13th century cathedral, but he was arrested an hour after the christening. Police said a loaded video camera and two black plastic bags that Podesta used as makeshift lavatories were confiscated. Sheriff Ian Cameron said Podesta's actions "amounted to a clandestine intrusion on a private religious ceremony, which, if it had been discovered during the ceremony, would unquestionably have caused a great deal of concern." He ordered that the film of the ceremony be destroyed.

Moby Apologizes for Being a Jerk

After reading a biography about himself, Moby>Replay, by Martin James (published by Olmstead Press), Moby has posted an apologetic letter to his fans and peers on his Web site, "It's odd to have one's life summed up in a few hundred pages by a third-party writer. But I appreciate the quasi-objective insight into my life and career. And I've realized that I have been a truly annoying and awful man at times, especially regarding my career. So, to anyone who might have stuck with me for a little while, thank you, I really appreciate it. And I'm sorry that I've been so difficult. Sheesh, what was wrong with me? Why did I have to pick musical fights with people? I love Aphex Twin and Orbital, why did I criticize them? I do believe that every time someone criticizes me now that I'm completely deserving of it, for in the past I used to be such a jerk. Who knows, maybe I'm still a jerk. Probably. I should go to J.A. (Jerks Anonymous). Although I guess now that I've outed myself as a jerk I'm not quite so anonymous. In any case, I apologize for being so difficult in the past. And I publicly apologize to anyone I might have offended by being abrasive or critical or contentious. Yours in contrition, Moby."

O Brother, Where Art Thou Performing?

Following the astonishing sales success of the rootsy soundtrack to the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?, venues have been eager to book shows for some of the acts from the collection, including Gillian Welch, Chris Thomas King, the Fairfield Four, and Alison Krauss and Union Station. The only firm date, thus far, is a May 24 performance at Nashville, Tenn.'s Ryman Auditorium, though Variety reports that the Hollywood Bowl and New York's Carnegie Hall are both looking at late summer dates. Though there's been talk of booking those, and filling the time in between with a cross-country tour, the number of acts involved make this a difficult proposition. If the tour never gets off the ground, fans may get access through another route: Variety reports that documentary makers D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Pennebaker-Hegedus will film the Nashville gig.