Film Notes: Ashley Judd Takes on 'Catwoman'

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April 3, 2001 -- Ashley Judd has the purr-fect role. She's donning a tight leather outfit to play the title role in the upcoming Catwoman movie.

The big-screen spin-off of the Batman franchise, is expected to be a dark look at the villain. Michelle Pfeiffer gave Bruce Wayne all sorts of fits in Batman Returns. But the Caped Crusader is expected to appear only for a cameo in this flick, Variety reports.

Don't worry Bat fans. You'll see plenty more of your hero. Warner Brothers has at least two more Batman flicks in the works.

Erin Wins Again.

Erin Brockovich — the film and the woman — both seem to be on a winning streak these days.

Less than two weeks after Julia Roberts won an Academy Award for Best Actress as the crusading legal aide, the real Brockovich won her another legal battle. Attorney John Reiner was convicted Monday in Ventura, Calif., of trying to extort more than $300,000 from Brockovich and her boss, Ed Masry, who was also portrayed in the film.

Reiner had tried to get the money by claiming he would tell the media Brockovich was a bad mother and that she and Masry were having a fling, charges they have denied.

Reiner was arrested last year, along with Brockovich's ex-husband and ex-boyfriend, but prosecutors inexplicably dropped charges against the latter two, leaving Reiner in the lurch. He'll be sentenced next month and faces up to four years in jail.

Krofft Caze

Recycle, reuse, reclaim: That's not just environmental policy. That's Hollywood.

It looks like there will be big screen versions of classic 1970's Sid & Marty Krofft children's shows like The Bugaloos, a fantasy about rock 'n' roll insects, and Land of the Lost, the saga of a family stuck in an alternate universe where dinosaurs roam free.

And if that doesn't get you excited, maybe you'll run out and catch the cinematic wonder that will be H.R. Pufnstuf, based on the 1969 series. That show featured a heroic dragon in cowboy boots who protects a boy and his magic flute from an evil witch.

ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.

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