Music Notes: Fab O'Four

Looking to get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit? U2's Bono might suggest you try listening to the Beatles.

The lads from Liverpool have a bit of the Blarney in them, according to Bono, who says they have shared roots.

"In Dublin, we think the Beatles are Irish. I think they're all from Irish families," Bono told ABC-TV for the special The Beatles Revolution.

"Liverpool is … the second capital of Ireland, for God's sake. There's the revenge against class system. That's a very Irish preoccupation."

Bono says the Beatles are also part of U2's roots, since they were the first music he heard on the radio.

"Even though as I grew up I learned to disagree and fight with their kind of hippie idea of love, as in 'All You Need is Love,' for a moment in my adolescence, I was so happy. It was there."

Britney's Screen Test

Britney Spears fans can get ready for another tidbit of information about her upcoming film role.

The high school comedy will be called What Are Friends For. The blond pop star is now filming in Hammond, La. She plays an A-student who goes on a road trip with a batch of friends.

Spears is reportedly not going out of her way to make any new friends on the set. An extra says the singer promptly leaves the set when finished with her shots.

More Dave, Less Buffett

The Dave Matthews Band will be doing some extra travel this summer. The chart-topping band has added six weeks to its national tour, with dates now stretching from April to the end of August, including additional gigs in Tampa and Nashville.

In other summer concert news, Billboard Online reports that hot double acts hitting the road this summer will include Paul Simon and Linda Ronstadt, Peter Frampton and Journey and '80s hair band Poison and Warrant.

One act you won't see is Jimmy Buffett, who is sitting it out this summer after a 28-year run on the concert circuit.

He'll do some spring dates, but is opting out of the summer season so he can spend some time with his children, aged 9 and 7.


Talk about a hiatius. Black Sabbath heads back into the studio for their first full album of new material since 1978. They'll work with producer Rick Rubin in the fall, after finishing up the Ozzfest tour. … Crazytown's hit song "Butterfly" has fluttered its way to the top of the Billboard charts. … Michael Jackson got some good news from Italy this week. The pop star was cleared on plagiarism charges for his song "Will You Be There" from the 1991 album Dangerous.

ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.