TV's New Odd Couple: Sisqo and Newhart

Odd couples don't come any odder than this high-concept pairing: "Thong Song" singer and flavor of the month Sisqo and 71-year-old Nick at Nite staple Bob Newhart will co-star in a new comedy for NBC.

The untitled comedy pilot is a "show within a show" series built around rap star Sisqo, the network announced Friday.

Newhart, who starred as a Chicago psychologist in the 1970s series The Bob Newhart Show and was back in Newhart in the 1980s as the proprietor of a Vermont inn, will now play — in a complete stretch — a venerable TV icon.

On the show, the seasoned comedian will offer advice to Sisqo, who plays a Baltimore hot dog vendor who saves a kid from being killed at a baseball stadium and becomes an overnight celebrity with his own show.

Newhart's last two sitcoms, the early '90s comedy Bob and the 1997-98 George and Leo (with Judd Hirsch), were brief blips on his resume.

Sisqo is currently on the big screen in the tepidly received teen comedy Get Over It.

Reuters contributed to this story.