Movie Notes: Ang Lee Becomes An Oscar Favorite

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon director Ang Lee is quickly becoming a favorite to pick up an Oscar.

Lee's martial arts epic picked up top honors from the Directors Guild of America. Crouching Tiger is the biggest money-maker ever of any foreign language film released in the U.S.

With a win at the Golden Globe, Lee appears to have the edge for the Best Director, Since the Directors Guild first gave its award in 1949, only four recipients have failed to win the Oscar.

Ricky, Madonna And Mel

Will Ricky Martin and Madonna share screen time? Perhaps, according to a Swedish talk show.

Martin appeared on Swedish TV Thursday night and revealed that he might lend his voice to a character in a animated film for DreamWorks. Madonna and Mel Gibson would also be part of the project.

Martin confirmed that the cartoon feature is one option he is considering to break into movies. There are also reported that Ricky will play a revolutionary in that movie about political unrest in the Dominican Republic.

Building The Perfect Woman

Here a down home recipe: take Nicole Kidman's nose, mix in Kim Basinger's lips, Sandra Bullock's chin and Winona Ryder's eyes. Add a dash of Jennifer Lopez's cheeks. Season generously with Salma Hayek's body — and voila — the perfect woman.

Dr. Richard W. Fleming, co-director of the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, said the facial and physical features most requested usually belong to the stars who are big at the moment.

It's not unusual for prospective plastic surgery clients to bring in a picture of the celebrity they want to look like. The Institute's "perfect woman" is based on consultations with nearly 1,000 female patients over the past year. As for the perfect Man, that would involve Rob Lowe's nose, Brad Pitt's lips, Johnny Depp's cheeks, Keanu Reeves' chin, the eyes of Tom Cruise and the body of Matthew McConaughey.

ABC Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.