Henley: Eagles Reunion Is On

ByJon Bream

March 6, 2001 -- Sounds like there's a peaceful, easy feeling with The Eagles once again.

Although there still hasn't been an official announcement, singer Don Henley says the rumored Eagles tour and album first reported on Wall of Sound last month are both likely to happen.

Henley, in the midst of the second leg of his solo tour to promote his Inside Job CD, had said during last year's tour that the odds of an Eagles reunion looked to be 50-50. Now he's confident that the band will record again.

After a 33-show European trek this summer, "We're going to come home and start working on some new material and probably start recording in the fall," he said, "though nothing with this band is ever written in stone. The remaining band members feel good about our future and the prospects of making a new album."

Henley said he doesn't have any new material written, but he has some pieces that could be developed into songs.

Changing Lineup

The Eagles were in the news earlier this month when guitarist Don Felder filed suit after being fired by Henley and Glenn Frey, the band's frontmen and leaders.

The dismissal "wasn't a decision that we made quickly or lightly or without a great deal of thought," Henley said. "It is something that has been building up for many, many years. We decided it was the best thing for the band, musically speaking, and the best thing for peace and harmony within the band. It's not the first time there's been personnel changes in this band. Each time there is a personnel change, the band seems to get better, and we manage to carry on."

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