Survivor Countersues Stillman

ByABC News
February 21, 2001, 7:54 PM

February 21 -- Let's hope that former Survivor contestant Stacey Stillman lasts longer in court than she did on the CBS hit show. The San Francisco attorney, who earlier this month alleged that Survivor's producers rigged the show's outcome, has been slapped with a retaliation lawsuit.

Stillman, who was the third castaway voted off the island, is being countersued by Survivor Entertainment Group Inc., which seeks $5 million in damages for breach of contract and defamation.

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based SEG filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, Variety reports. The production company seeks monetary damages, claiming that Stillman violated the $5 million confidentiality agreement she signed for Survivor by disclosing private information about the show.

SEG alleged that Stillman has a pattern of leaking information about the show, including giving interviews to freelance writer Peter Lance, who published an unauthorized book last year called The Stingray: Lethal Tactics of the Sole Survivor.

Stillman's suit claims that the reality show's producers and CBS persuaded two of her former tribe members, Sean Kenniff and Dirk Been, to vote her off the island instead of elderly contestant Rudy Boesch in an attempt to keep someone in the older demographic present on the show.

SEG has stated that Kenniff, who Stillman said would back up her claims, has flatly denied her charges.

The SEG filing also requested an injunction to bar Stillman from disclosing further information about the inner workings of the show, according to The Associated Press.

Reuters contributed to this story.