Pitt Not Ready for Parenthood

Nearly six months after Brad Pitt's secluded California wedding to Jennifer Aniston, People's "sexiest man alive" is dishing some post-nuptial frosting.

Yes, the two lovebirds are still happy — he calls her by the pet name "Golden" and forlornly watches her Friends tapes while he's filming on location in Morocco — but don't expect the two to start a family just yet.

Pitt, who calls the couple's Malibu, Calif., ceremony "one of the coolest things I've ever been to" in the new issue of Details magazine, notes that contrary to what the tabloids say, he and Aniston aren't having a baby. "I'm still a little selfish," he confesses. "I'm sure I'll f--k them up somehow."

Instead, the blond actor and his famous wife will continue to explore their next level of coupledom. Pitt says they've nicknamed their marriage "the Adventure," meaning "we'll see where it takes us."

Balancing Career and Family

The two seem entirely, disgustingly in love. Despite Pitt's former fiancée Gwyneth Paltrow's declaration that she would never be the same after she and the six-pack-sporting actor split ways in 1997, he doesn't live in the past. The actor mentions his ex by name just once in the interview, calling her "Paltrow," like a second-string linebacker.

Pitt, who chain-smoked Marlboros through the interview, couldn't seem to wait to get off the set of Robert Redford's The Spy Game in time to see Aniston back in Los Angeles. "Distance is a beast," he proclaims to Details interviewer Maura Egan.

But what's an in-demand hunk like Pitt to do? Quit the biz and take up architecture, his second love (well, third, if you count Aniston as a career choice)? Maybe. "Look, I'm in my 30s," he tells the mag, emphasizing his need to love his on-screen work. "I'm halfway done. I don't want to waste time."

He can be seen not wasting his time as an Irish-gypsy boxer in Guy Ritchie's upcoming heist flick, Snatch, which opens Friday.