Liz Taylor Done With Marriage

Film diva Elizabeth Taylor, who has been married eight times, vowed during a rare live interview Monday never to tie the knot again, although she said she could live with a man again if he had a good sense of humor.

Taylor, who turns 69 next month, told CNN's Larry King Live she'd had two great loves in her life: Richard Burton, whom she married twice and divorced twice, and Michael Todd, who died in a plane crash after just 13 months of marriage.

She said she still adored Sen. John Warner, a Virginia Republican, to whom she was briefly married.

But she was less kind about crooner Eddie Fisher, whom she married in 1958, stealing him away from his then-wife Debbie Reynolds. "I don't even want to mention his name," she said.

No Harsh Feelings From Reynolds

Taylor and Reynolds have teamed up to make a television movie, titled These Old Broads, that airs on ABC next month.

The two will join Shirley MacLaine and Joan Collins in a two-hour singing and dancing comedy replete with petty jealousies, diamonds, phony British accents and the comebacks of aging screen divas.

She told CNN she and Reynolds had often talked or "dished" about Fisher, whom they referred to as "Harry Hunter," and that Reynolds was no longer angry at her.

"We got over all that so long ago," she said.

In fact, the ABC movie includes a scene in which Taylor and Reynolds spar over an old incident in which Taylor's character stole the husband of Reynolds' character. "I did you a favor by taking Freddy away," says Taylor. "I would have been perfectly able to lose Freddy on my own," retorts Reynolds.

Asked in Monday's interview if she would marry again, Taylor shot back: "No."

"That's it?" asked interviewer King.

"Yes!" she replied.

"You're done?" he pressed.

"Yes," she said, adding, "I'd live with someone if he were cute, intelligent, compassionate, adorable, had a good sense of humor."